Sunday, April 25, 2010

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Street crew at the cornerstone building

Rainbow in Shelton

Girls doing cartwheels in front of Evergreen Elementary

Woman picking watercress?

Friday, April 9, 2010

PROWLER! Is this my bicycle thief?

He appears on the cam, seems frozen by the flash. Note the flashlight in his hand. My night vision flash makes his eyes glow, I don't think he is wearing glasses.

You can see one of his eyes glowing behind the bush on the upper left, it seems that the flash frightened him, so he hid behind the bush.

Here he is again 3o minutes later. Is he coming or going in this picture?
Notice the details of his shoes.

Here he is going

Check out the nifty sound slides pro presentation I made with these photos.

My deer cam caught this prowler in my front yard on April 5th. It looks like he saw the infared flash go off and then he ran away and then came back 30 minutes later for another look. It also came back again during the day of the 7th to get yet another look.

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