Thursday, July 5, 2018

With the right angle even a ribbon cutting photo can be interesting

 1.       Kim Kinchloe of Elma sets up balloons before the start of the event
3.       From Left  Laura Lee Roznowski and Keilly Mulholland collect money for raffle tickets in their team booth.

4.       John Cluatree, 9 attempts to pop a balloon during  the balloon stomp contest while Samuel Ricker 8, watches.

5.       Members of team “ Earth Angels S.O.A.R.”  dressed as circus people pass in front of prison bars.  Participants were “arrested” and then “bailed” out by other members. 

6.       From left  forest festival royalty dance in the dance contest.  Trinity Fewell, Princess of Hemlock, Jessica Schreiber, Queen of the Forest, Julia Castro, Princess of Cedar.

7.       Sunny Pickard of Shelton and Eljahn Balon of University Place rest on a bench near the relay track.

8.       Luminary bags before the start of the Luminaria Service (zoom blur effect)

9.       A participant carries a light saber past luminary bags in the Luminaria Service (slow shutter speed)

10.   Bailey Kaiser, 10 rests in front of her Grandma’s (Karen Dell) luminary bag

11.   Team members walk in front of luminary bags during the Luminaria Servic