Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas train disaster

"Something went very wrong Thursday morning when a Simpson Lumber train hauled a log loader through downtown Shelton."
Article in the Olympian

If only I had not slept in.. sigh, this happened just blocks from my house and the media from Seattle showed up for it.  The noise and my power going woke me up.  King 5 news came and offered to give me "credit" for my photos if I posted them to their website.  I thanked them politely and took their card.

In spite of getting exclusive pictures of a grandma trapped in her car I did not manage to sell any.  Maybe if I had been quicker I could have sold them, It feels like an opportunity missed.  But who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to sell some of these.  My power and internet and phone line went down during this time.

Tony Overman  full time staff photographer for the Olympian came to town today

Maybe my favorite of the lot

Woman trapped in her car, no one else got this shot

PUD 3 crews work through the night to repair toppled power poles

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Inaugural Belfair Christmas Parade

I was sent the photograph the first ever (Inaugural) Belfair Christmas Parade.  I arrived early and got info for my cut-lines before the parade started.  One picture made the front page.

  Lindsey Carneen and her 14 year old Llama “Eleganto” prepare to march in the 
inaugural Belfair Christmas Parade Sun Dec 1st –Shawna Whelan

L-R Kaylee Richardson (9), Axexi Sleaggs (10) and Sammantha Brown (10) warm up
before the inaugural Belfair Christmas Parade Sun Dec 1st