Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Spot News and an Award

In today's newspaper:

The community voted me in on this list.  I am flattered.

There was another structure fire that I was able to reach in time this month.  One of my pictures is in the paper.  This fire was in a shed and no one was injured.  I met the property owner and she was fine with me posting photos on Facebook.

I only took one camera and lens to this fire.  I knew that I wanted to walk to this fire in the dark and I did not feel like carrying two cameras on my bicycle.  I used my old Nikon D90 with my new 70-200mm lens.  I wish my fancy lens had been on my D7100 so I could have shot at a higher ISO.  I don't feel like there is time to change lenses in the rush to reach a fire before it gets put out.   I hope to get a second D7100 but first I feel like I have to sell both of my D90's.

Such strange colors here and right off the camera