Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Festival Season

I like festival season, it keeps me busy.  I've only submitted one face painting photo so far.

 I took this photo less than 48 hours after my mother died.  For the most part, I managed to hold it together and not cry while I was working.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dirty Dash

These photos are copyright protected.  All of my photos are protected, but these, I don't even own.  I can only use them as part of my portfolio.

My mother died the night before this job.  I had to make a tough decision to stay home.  I think it was the right decision.   She  passed away before we could have made it to the hospital and they would not have let us into her room while they were doing CPR, even if we could have made it on time.  At 10pm I informed the hospital over the phone to respect my mother's living will and to keep performing CPR.  She died at 11:10pm.  My home is two hours drive from the hospital she died in.

 I went to work at 6 the next morning.  This job helped to distract me from the grief.  All I had to do was plant myself in one place and take photos with my camera settings all determined by Flo-Foto a week ahead of time.

At the end of the day I handed over my SD card and I went home.  I did not have to do any editing.  For most of the pictures I got clear shots of bib number, but the ones I posted here are a bit more artistic.

This job was really fun and I hope I can do it again next year.