Thursday, April 21, 2016

House Fire on Deegan Road and a Bus Hits a Car

April 21 A-1

I drove to a car fire this week.  Normally I only go to fire if I can walk or ride my bike to it.  If it's that close I can get there at the same time as the fire fighters and maybe get some pictures of flames.  Also if I walk or bike I'm only out some of my time if my pictures don't sell.

The scanner said this was a "fully involved structure fire", so I drove to it.

A Firefighter suffered from the heat and he went down fast.  The fire chief yelled at me for taking pictures but later he apologized.

April 21 A-1

April 21 A-6

April 21 A-20

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Baseball, Tennis and Softball

It was 86 degrees, I thought there would be vendors selling drinks, but no.  The tennis coach gave me a cold bottle of water when another photographer asked for it for me.

I had both rigs but only used the 70-200 for 99% of the shots.  I'll leave the wide angle rig at home the next time I shoot any of these sports.

I stood in the dugout for baseball pictures and in the court for some of the tennis.  For softball I mostly shot over the fence on the third base line, the other fence was too high and the dugouts were behind a fence.

Since I was working for Olympic League I did not need to write cut lines or hunt down the rosters.