Saturday, May 31, 2014


Summer is kicking off and there are a lot of community events to be photographed.  I was sent to Belfair State park to take these pictures.  Sadly, they were printed in black and white, but still, they looked good in print.

    L-R Patricia Briggs, Herky Briggs age 6 and Megan Keller age 9 look at a worm during a beach walk led
 by Teri King at Belfair State Park Shellfest on Sat. Shawna Whelan

     L-R  Abraham Lund 7 and Solomon Lund 10 look through microscopes at the Pacific Shellfish Institute table
 at Belfair State Park Shellfest on Sat.  (they are from Minnesota and were visiting family in Port Orchard)