Monday, October 11, 2010

These are a few of my favorite nature pictures

Most of these (all but 5) were taken with a point and shoot camera and they were taken before I took my first photography course.  I've had my big camera for less than a year.  I bought my D90 ( big camera) when I wanted to document the destruction of St. Edwards Catholic Church.  The college media loan was not flexible enough to let me have a good camera for the quarter and I could not predict exactly when the church was going to come down; I needed  access to a good camera at all times for that project.

These pictures and more will be on electronic display on October 22,  at the Shelton Pavilion as part of a fund raiser for the Statewide anti-incinerator movement.   I will have to move away from all this beauty if the incinerators are built.

White Chanterelle Mushroom Olympic National Forest (ONF)

Fly Agaric Mushroom Westport

My little one's first peak Mount Ellinor

Bears head Mushroom Olympic National Park

Fog, Capital Forest

Coral Mushroom ONF

Cougar Tracks Dosewallips

Baby goats mount Ellinor ONF

Mount Ellinor

Enchanted Valley ONP

Mama and baby grouse, Staircase

Fly Agaric, Westport

Old Growth Douglas-fir ONF

Grouse Wagonwheel Ridge ONP

Mount Adams

Honey Mushrooms ONF

Trillium ONF

King (?) Bolete ONF

Lake Cushman ONF

Lake West, Simpson Land

Lena Lake ONF

Lions Mane mushroom ONP (it was too pretty to pick)

Skok Valley from Simpson Land

Camprobbers Mount Rose Summit ONF

Wooly Chanterelles ONF (not edible)

Pigs Ear Mushroom ONF

Sun breaking through the fog South Fork Skok ONF

Biomass at Staircase

Sunset over Grays Harbor from South Mountain on Simpson Land

Sunrise over Hood Canal from Mount Ellinor

Mushroom gills ONF

Wednesday, October 6, 2010