Sunday, May 19, 2013

My first assignment - United Emigrants of Shelton

This was my first ever assignment from a newspaper.  I made rookie mistakes.  I did not get names for all the kids and I did not have my cut lines in a separate file.  The editor said "We can use these", I think that's high praise for a newspaper editor.  Later he sent me an email explaining to me how to write cut lines.

Photo joke:
Q. What is the difference between “street photography” and photojournalism?
A. Cutlines.
Joke borrowed from:  Small Town Photojournalism   

One of my pictures was featured on the front page of the newspaper, so it was a proud moment for me.

United emigrants of Shelton

This one made the front page

My first ever attempt at sports photography, this one was printed

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This is how I got started as a paid photojournalist

In May of 2013 I decided to photograph the Immiegrantes Unidos de Shelton May Day Parade.  I was excited about this parade in my current home town because I know this town so well and I knew all the spots that I wanted to stand so I could get a good background for my photos.  I also knew the parade route, so I ran ahead and set up in each spot that had a background that I wanted.

 I submitted my photos to a local blog and soon the editor of a local newspaper contacted that blog about my photos. One thing led to another and I was offered a job as a "stringer" for the local newspaper.

I was not happy with the technical quality of the photos that I took on this day.  My camera was on a funky setting from the night before and I had to do a lot of very obvious editing.  I have since learned to always reset my camera by pushing the two green buttons at the start of every photo shoot.

The newspaper editor liked my photos.

They say no one will come knocking on your door and offer you a job, but in this case they did.

The same thing happened with the forest service, they saw my hiking blog and bought 23 pictures directly from my blog.  Then earlier this year a book author wanted some of my pictures from the same blog and he wanted them for free but I got him to pay for them instead.


Evergreen Square on main street

Railroad ave

Parade heads up 7th ave

Making signs at Loop Field

Parade pauses in Front of Kneeland Park Children wave the The flag of Guatemala

Parade heads down highway 3

Signs at Loop Field
Some folks hung out at Kneeland park after the march