Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Final Project Pictures to be Printed

(I like to look back on these pictures so I can see how far I have come as a photographer since then.  Some of these make me cringe, but at least I know I'm getting better all the time.  Hmmm where are my raw files? Maybe I can fix these up some now 3 years later.)

These are the pictures that I am going to print 14 X 11 inches and hang up for my final class project today. The class is "Documentary Photography" at The Evergreen State College. Today is the last day of class.

These pictures are the culmination of MANY hours of work.  They are copyright 2010 Shawnie Whelan, all right reserved.   Copyright info is in the meta data but blogger strips that data.

All of these are for sale as 11 x14 prints, the price is $40 each.

Even though class is over I will continue to take pictures of biomess related stuff and post them here. I am not objective about this, so don't expect objectivity from me. I will be forced to move if Simpson and Adage build biomass incinerators near my house.

If I have any of these dates or details wrong please let me know

----Artists Statement----
The citizens in Mason County have come together like never before. Our community is working to keep the Duke Areva conglomeration known as ADAGE out of our county. ADAGE wants to install a massive wood burning incinerator four miles from downtown Shelton. Our community members have fought against this in different ways. Some members go and speak at all of the port, public utility and commission meetings. Other members protest outside of the meetings. Community members have also set up two town hall meetings and a garage sale. I have been to all of these meetings and places while working to document this unprecedented event in the history of our county.

Protesters Outside of the PUD #3 April 24th

Sign at the Mason County Administration Building on May 11th

Young Activists at the Mason County Admin Building May 11th

Crowd Chatting Outside of the Port of Shelton June 1st

Protesters shouting "Recall Sheldon" as Tim Sheldon walks away April 27th

Jack Miles in the Background Watching the Protest PUD #3 April 27th

Citizens at the Port of Shelton June 1st

Brenda Hirshi Speaking a the Shelton Civic Center May 24th

Young Activist at County Courthouse May 18th

Meeting at the Shelton Civic Center May 24th

Overflow Crowd Watches the County Commissioners on a TV in the Lobby May 11th

Young Protesters at the Mason County Courthouse May 18th

Leaving the Shelton Civic Center Meeting April 26th

Port Commissioner and Chair Jay Hupp and Port Executive John Dobson answer some tough questions from citizens. Port of Shelton May 25th