Thursday, January 30, 2014

Celebrating 50 Years of Wilderness - a sale to the forest service

The local Forest Service office saw my hiking photos and asked if they could buy a few of them.  In the end they bought 23 of my photos to use on their new maps.  The maps should be printed in September of 2014, they will show the Hood Canal Ranger Distinct in Olympic National Forest.

Here is a small sample of the photos they licensed.  I still own these photos and they are available for sale either as full sized prints are large digital files.

Foggy Tarn Reflections near Mildred Lakes

Lake Cushman Sunrise in the morning blue light

Dosewallips burned area

Lena Lake

Upper Mildred Lake, Mount Lincoln and the Sawtooths at sunrise

Looking into the Wonder Mountain Wilderness from the summit of Dry Mountain