Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tahuya Days

I was sent to Tahuya Days.  Tahuya is a tiny unincorporated town.  I drove 98 miles round trip and spent about three hours doing it.  Wow, Tahuya is a long ways from Shelton!

I brought my prime 50mm lens and was able to get some shots with nice blurry backgrounds. I changed lenses several times.   I don't like the idea of getting dirt on my image sensor while changing lenses.  Maybe it's time for me to get a second DSLR body.

      Tanner De Fries (9) Ksenia Mrsny (8) Peyton Mrsny (6) of Bothell wear festive hats while waiting for parade to begin  on Saturday at the Tahuya Day Festival in downtown Tahuya  ~Shawna Whelan

   Bob Buhler of The Burma Road Beach Club adjusts his had before the 
parade on Saturday at the Tahuya Day Festival in downtown Tahuya 

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