Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Goldsborough Creek Run

A couple of pictures from the Goldsborough Creek run during the Forest Festival.  It felt really good to nail these two shots.

   Sarah Johnson gives it everything she’s got as she crosses the finish line, she took  first place for women in the 7 mile run “Sarah Johnson, a Shelton native, set a new record in the 7 mile female run division with a time of 41:06, beating the previous record of 45:08 set in 2008 by Caroline White from Tacoma”

      Race champion Andrew Prentice of Olympia crosses the finish line for the 7 mile run “Andrew Prentice set a new record of 38:51, beating his previous record set in 2008 of 39.22.  Andrew is from Olympia” 

I have 16 pictures in this week's paper including two front page pictures.

From left 4th degree Knights of Columbus Members, John Boux,  Willam Smith and Jim Kellogg take off their hats and pray during the remembrance ceremony.  At the Veterans Remembrance at Presented by the Allyn Community Association, North Mason Chamber of Commerce and the Port of Allyn  and held at the  Allyn Waterfront Park in Allyn on Memorial Day 2015.   

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