Friday, August 5, 2016

Busy fun weekend

Three jobs this weekend and some hard news.  I got to meet Larry Stegall of the Bremerton Sun at a fishing protest.  This was the first time I have covered an event where I was not the only photojournalist.  The Sun had a reporter there too.

Larry took the same picture of the man holding a net and his picture made the front page of his daily newspaper.  I got a front page photo as well, but the news was a bit more "furry".

A week ago I turned in a photo essay based on the rocks movement.  This one was unique for me due to it being an ongoing event.  I did it over the course of several days and I had a lot of control over the direction of it unlike when I show up for a one time event and shoot what ever is there.  I knew I wanted pictures of kids painting rocks, so I asked the community if any rock painting events were coming up.

Lastly I photographed a teddy bear drive.  I had no information about this event before hand.  When I got there I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the event was sponsored by the yesteryear car club.  I've photographed those folks a few times before and they are always happy to have me at their events.  I think they appreciate that I am a local too.

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