Sunday, November 6, 2016

Final Football Games

I'm the sports photographer for now, so I've been keeping busy.  Got to shoot my first daylight football game,  really enjoyed being able to shoot at a decent shutter speed.  Got some condensation inside of my camera during the game, so went to my car and grabbed my other camera body and put my long lens on it to finish the job.

Nov. 3 B-1

Nov 3 B-1

I Photographed two night games 22 miles apart that started at the same time.  I covered the first game for one quarter and finally got to meet Kitsap Sun photographer Steve Zugschwerdt.  I was surprised that he mistook me for the team photographer with my double camera photojournalist set up.  He was using a zoom lens on a monopod and standing up.  I got to the second game just before the start of half time.  The hometeam got clobbered at both games.

It turned out to be homecoming night at the first game and I had the wrong lens out for the job, so I rushed back to my car get my other camera.  I can photo half time stuff with a flash and a long lens, but I get terrible red eye doing that.  It's better to have the flash off of the camera or at least above it.  There was a lot of red eye in one of the shots I turned in, the paper fixed up the red eyes before printing.

Nov 3 B-5

Nov 3 B-7 shot with long lens

Nov 3 A-26 shot with long lens and flash, lots of red eye was removed for printing

Varsity photo for the advertising department

And finally a soccer photo essay in the pouring rain Nov 3 B-9

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