Thursday, December 25, 2014

Personal Body of Work

Every Christmas I escape from my house for an hour or so to photograph the lights in town.
I used to just light paint by moving my camera around, but this year I also experimented with zooming.

No pixels were moved here this was done with perfect timing of panning and zooming
and using the rear flash feature to make the lumber jack pop 1.3 sec;   f/16;   ISO 1250

No pixels were moved here, lens zoomed in on the word  "Journal" and then it
was zoomed out during this long exposure to make the streaks

This is a photo  illustration . Pixels were moved when I edited this picture and this picture is a triple exposure.
The clock on the left was from the first exposure and the Christmas tree beneath the clock
was the second exposure, the payday loan sign was the third exposure.
The clock in the door was cut and pasted from another photo

No pixels were moved here, I just zoomed out after
 letting the camera point at  Santa for a bit

No pixels were moved here
This clock reflection is in a mud puddle.  I focused on the clock in the puddle for a bit and
 then I zoomed out and made big circles with my camera to light paint with the actual clock face on the tower above

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