Thursday, January 28, 2016

More Basketball

I've learned to turn the ISO all the way up so I can get the highest shutter speed possible.

1/800th f/ 2.8 ISO 3200 125mm Nikon D7100 with 70-200 VR1 lens

Before I started my venture into sports photography I was loath to ever turn up the ISO over 800 due to grain issues.  Now I've learned to turn it all the way up if need be.  My new camera is 24MP so that helps a bit.  I'm shooting with on D7100 and one D90.  The D90 is 12MP and it does show the grain more, also it does not focus at fast.  I have a second D7100 coming in the mail and then I should be done with camera upgrades for a least a year or two.  I still would like to get a high end mirror-less camera for street photography.

The native ISO for my D90 is 3,200 and for my D7100 is 6,400

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