Thursday, January 28, 2016


edited to show less underwear
Back to the same high school gym for wrestling.  I went to the match with my camera set for basketball.  I was dreaming.  They turned down the lights for wrestling.  I had to turn my ISO all the way to the maximum for my cameras 6,400 for one and 3,400 for the other and I still had to use my flash just to get a shutter speed of 1/320.

I'm glad that my basketball experience taught me to crank the ISO up.  All of my best shots were towards the end of the match.  Unfortunately my camera reset to .jpg for all of my best images.  I had hit reset a couple of times and that caused my camera to go back to .jpg.  I prefer to shoot in .nef or raw.  What tripped me up was my custom user settings, they will shoot in what ever format they are set to even after a reset and I forgot to check them.  It's a case of getting used to my new camera.

I got a few shots that I am happy with.  I noticed that wrestling uniforms leave very little to the imagination and underwear can show right through them.  For sale to the parents and students I can fix that in post, but I don't dare try that for publication in the newspaper.

All of these were shot at 1/320th f/ 2.8 ISO 6,400 and about 125mm

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