Friday, May 13, 2016

Fire Destroys a House

I found a huge fireball on Boundary street at 11pm. I've learned to park far away from fires so I don't get blocked in by fire hoses. After I parked and walked towards the glow and then I saw these huge flames and I ran to them and I hoped that my cameras were ready to go.  It was dark and hard for me to see the dials.  Huge flames like this don't last for long, the fire department knocks them down quick.

By the time I got to the scene and started taking pictures my legs were shaking from adrenaline.  It took every bit of technical skill that I have and pushed my cameras and lenses to their limits to get these. 

I took these on a Tuesday night and the paper goes to the printers in another county on Wednesday at about noon.  These just barley made it into the paper and did not make the front page.  They were printed on page A2.

I got a couple of good pictures at ISO 3,200 but then the flames died back and took the light with them.  I had to mostly shoot at 6,400 but they turned out well for the paper even at that ISO.

May 12 A-2

My second year in a row shooting the Mother's Day Dash on Mother's Day.  This was my first mother's day since my own Mother died.  Personally it was a rough day for me, but having a job to do helped.

May 12 A-18

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