Friday, May 27, 2016

Odds and Ends

Work is picking up a bit for the next couple of weeks anyway.  Some of my pictures have been entered into a regional newspaper contest.  From now on I will post all of my printed pictures here with the date and page they were printed on so I can keep track of them.

I feel inspired to go out and try to get the best soccer shot I can get now that my photos are starting to be entered into contests.

Lucky shot as this was my first photo of the day and my camera was still set to manual focus.  Next time
I will attempt to use a more shallow depth of field in the soccer field.  For this shot accidentally set to manual focus
it was good that I had the lens stopped down a bit!  Such an ugly background though    May 26th A13

This one was interesting because it blocked the major highway that runs through downtown.  Also this shot
was taken with a new camera and is the first shot from this camera that has been printed.  I took this
with a Ricoh GRII, it was just a short detour for me to take this shot while I was on my way to the post office.
It is easy to take my GRII everywhere and in day light the photos are plenty good enough for print.
May 26 A8

This new to me  room, had a white ceiling of the perfect height for using my bounce flash with the card up.  I shot in manual all night long and I had to change my settings as I moved to and from different areas.  I handled this so much better than the last event of this type a couple of years ago.  My technical skills have greatly improved since then.
May 26th A15

One that I did not submit.  The head chef insisted on posing for a picture, so I set him up in front of a mirror.
 I never submit posed photos to the newspaper.

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