Friday, June 10, 2016

4-H Fishing Derby

Again I left my long glass in the car and just brought the wide angle.  This job had me walking on docks and having big bulky lenses and multiple cameras could have been hazardous.  If I fall into the water I only want to dunk one camera and not two!  A girl did fall in.

I thought to try for some silhouette shots as I was driving to the job, but that did not work with dark trees in the background.  Fill flash was a must for this job with the sun to everyone's back.

June 9th A-11
I really liked the picture on the bottom right.  I waited until the yellow fishing bobber was in the frame before I shot.

Nora Maylin 8 and Becky Maylin from Port Orchard wait for a nibble 

A line of children fish off the dock in the background while Karl Swalander wrestles for
control  of a trout he just landed.

Ed Swalander helps Karl Swalander age 8, both are from Elma.

Seraphina Short age 6, is shown how to properly display her fish before a family photo is snapped.

From Right Damain Flores age 11 and Jack Seabert-Olsen age 10 take a pause from the
 action to admire trout that they have already caught
This was my favorite shot since is was so candid and I just happened to find it.

Aaron Arnold 10 of Elma proudly carries his prize winning 23.5 inch rainbow trout to the measuring station.

Aaron Arnold 10 of Elma lays down his prize winning catch  to be measured.  The monster trout registered at  23.5 inches.

From right Panhandle Lake camp staff Jeff Wetcel and Krag Unsoeld relax and chat in the shade while looking out over Panhandle lake.  

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