Saturday, January 14, 2017

A nice wrestling photo essay, wrestling under the spotlight

Slam Dunk.  My editor said that as far as he knew this was the first time he had
ever run a photo of a high school boy dunking the ball.  Yelm at Shelton Boys Basketball

Jan 12 B12-13

Wrestling under the spot light.  This is tricky stuff and my new camera really helped.  Most of the shots that were printed were taken with my D500 with my f/2.8 70-200 Lens.  There are a few wide angle shots taken with my D7100 f/2.8 17-50 Sigma lens and external flash.  The flash photos with the d7100 were poorer quality, but the wide lens let me get in closer.  I'd love to have two D500's, but that's just not happening.

Jan 12 B-1

Jan 12 B-1

Jan 12 B-5

This bowling meet was in Port Orchard and Kitsap Sun photographer Larry Steagall was there.  You can bet that I watched him so I could learn.  He tended to hold his camera over his head a lot, so I did the same for the high five shot.  Ron Quin was there as well.

Jan 12 B-6

Jan 12 B-12

Jan 12, b-13

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